Robin Gibb: Chorlton’s finest.

If the Metrolink is half as smooth as the BeeGees then it will be a massive success.

Last week, I wrote a letter. It was to support an application that was being put together to give Robin Gibb a Knighthood. Before writing the letter of support, I researched Robin’s life and work.

Born on the Isle of Man, as a boy Robin and his family lived in Chorlton, on Keppel Rd. Despite his huge fame and fortune, he always maintained his links with Chorlton.

Away from music, Robin worked with numerous charities. They included Against Breast Cancer, Variety Club, The Royal British Legion, Comic Relief and the Bomber Command Memorial Appeal.

But his major contribution was as an singer and composer for the BeeGees and other artists. Over 200 million records sold.

Manchester has a huge musical heritage. It and is brimming with talent and creativity. It is artists like Robin Gibb that fuelled the creativity. I think it is important to mark his sad passing by highlighting the true impact bands like the Bee Gees had on developing creativity and talent in south Manchester.

That is why I’ve laid down a Parliamentary motion as a tribute and celebration to his lifetime achievements which highlighted his impact on the world of music but also his dedication to charity work and helping others.

Robin Gibb was an immense talent and a true musical legend. He will be truly missed.

My favourite BeeGee’s song is How Deep is Your Love?

Early Day Motion was laid down by John Leech on 21st May 2012 full text below.

Robin Gibb CBE
That this house joins with family and friends from around the world in celebrating the life and mourning the death of Robin Gibb who died of cancer aged 62, for his work and dedication to the music industry as a writer, composer and performer both as a solo artist as well as the world famous music Group The Bee Gees with his brothers Barry and Maurice who were born in the Isle of Man and childhood residents of Keppel Road, Chorlton, Manchester; commends his untiring commitment to making the world a better place by working with many charities including Against Breast Cancer, Variety Club, The Royal British Legion, Comic Relief and the Bomber Command Memorial Appeal; acknowledges his Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music received in May 2004 from The University of Manchester; and wishes that he may rest in peace knowing that the world has benefitted greatly from his dedication and talent.

7 responses to “Robin Gibb: Chorlton’s finest.

  1. so sad is the passing of Robin Gibb who gave so much in his lifetime.
    Thank you for your: musical talent and generosity, you will be sadly missed

  2. Having danced nany times to Bee Gees music in the past, I must admit I was amazed that he lived in Keppel Road Chorlton where I also lived as a student in 1970 !!!

  3. I have loved the BeeGees for many years. Robin was my first love. One sided he never knew I existed. But I know he will be waiting at Heavens gate for me. Then I get to hug him.Love & Miss you Babe. Until we meet. Later Love.

  4. Rest where no shadows fall Robin, you will be sadly missed. Love Avril – Port Elizabeth.


  6. Robin Hugh Gibb C.B.E. had an UNIVERSALLY UNIQUE voice that made me a fan of The Bee Gees in 1967 and it is an EVERLASTING LOVE that is STAYING ALIVE!!!! His passing is indee a SAD loss for the world and in particular his WONDEFUL family, to whom all our LOVE, thoughts and prayers are sent!!!! LOVE & GOD BLESS MoRobBaz founder member of The Brothers Gibb Appreciation Society

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