Send Alan Turing a present

Tomorrow would be Alan Turing’s 100th birthday so why not send him a present and sign the petition to grant him a posthumous pardon or disregarded conviction.

It’s right here and takes 30 seconds:

30 seconds of your time for someone who did so much for so many.

Alan Turing was a war hero, the father of the modern day computer and a true Mancunian.

He was ostracized and persecuted for being a gay man so much so that he took his own life as a result at the age of just 42.  Who knows what he could have gone on to achieve if he had lived to 100.

I very priviledged to have been recently asked to sit on the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee (TCAC) in recognition of the campaigning I have on behalf of Alan Turing in Parliament.

I am joining a group of illustrious people that all share a deep respect for Alan Turing and his life’s work who have been working hard to celebrate his life in what would have been his 100th year.

3 responses to “Send Alan Turing a present

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  2. I am grateful that you have taken my initial petition of November 2011 to parliament. The 35,000+ who have signed the petition are all counting on yourself and parliament setting aside Alan Turing’s conviction and put right a terrible wrong! How is the early day motion of 19 June going? I lobbied Tim Farron and others to sign it on Friday.

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