Bob Diamond needs to go now


John thinks Bob Diamond should “Do the right thing” and resign

I have blogged about banking frequently in the past.

I have also blogged about big bonuses, and management taking responsibility for their actions

So it should come as no surprise that I think Barclays Chief Bob Diamond should resign, or be sacked, following revelations that Barclays fixed the interest rate level.

For me Bob Diamond’s position is untenable. He was in charge of this part of Barclays when this took place.  Marcus Agius has done the right thing in resigning, now Bob Diamond needs to do the same.

If Barclays want to regain the trust of its shareholders and account-holders, he needs to reisgn. If he won’t resign, the Barclays Board needs to sack him.”


2 responses to “Bob Diamond needs to go now

  1. I note that whatever happens Bob Diamond allways be very wealthy, however as an amount of my savingstook up to 10days to transfer, it was unfortunately not quick enough to stop me going overdrawn for which i had £22 referal fee taken from my account. this reptesents at current low pay rates around four hours work . How much does he get for 4hours work. all best wishes from Trevor Fleisig in Sevenoaks Kent

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