Cllr Victor Chamberlain: How Green are Manchester Labour?

Victor’s graphic illustrates what was called for by the Liberal Democrats and refused by the Labour group

Last week the Liberal Democrats on Manchester City Council put forward an important motion to improve the council’s green credentials and the environment.

Labour refused to pass the motion without serious amendments which watered down the proposal to the point that Cllr Victor Chamberlain called it “complacent”.

Victor has produced the excellent illustration above that highlights just what was proposed and what Labour refused to do.

An independent evaluation from Manchester Climate Monthly of what the weakened Labour motion will do can be found here:

2 responses to “Cllr Victor Chamberlain: How Green are Manchester Labour?

  1. meat free Mondays? are you having a laugh? So the lib dems have gone veggie fascists now it seems. Hmmm, not doing yourselves any favours in my opinion.

  2. Did you read the list before posting this?

    Mandatory meat free Mondays for council staff? 20mph speed limits for environmental rather than safety reasons? Cycle training for adults?

    And it contains an outright falsehood – the council didn’t say no to electricity from green providers, they said:

    “The energy for its entire portfolio including schools, as well as for all of its street lighting is from a green tariff.”

    I haven’t voted Labour in a council election in over a decade, reading this actually pushed me away from the lib dems and towards Labour.

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