Arden Court: A good example of Sheltered Accomodation

Helen from PEPAIDS, me, Jean from Anchor Housing and Cllr Norman Lewis at Arden Court with the Olympic Torch

One of the best examples of sheltered accommodation in South Manchester is the Arden Court scheme, run by Anchor Housing, and expertly managed by Jean and her staff.

Whenever I visit, I notice that they always try to remember that they are part of a community, and not separate from it. This means they hold lots of events which are attended by lots of local people.

Over the weekend, I was at Arden Court twice. On friday they had a coffee (and bacon butty) morning, and the chance to get a photo with an olympic torch. That was to raise money for PEPAIDS, an Africa Aids Charity.

On saturday, I opened the Fun day at Arden Court on behalf of Christie’s. There was an impressive turnout, and over £500 was raised on the day. The final total should be more, as the local Co-op are working in partnership with Anchor, and are accepting donations in store all this week.

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