What do you think we should call Manchester’s new travelcard?

Could you ‘Step On’ local transport with your (Shaun) Ryder card?

I’m sure we’ve all had that horrible moment where we have to scrabble madly in our wallets and purses for change for the bus or that all-important train ticket.
So I was very pleased to hear that to Manchester is finally set to gain its own version of the travel smart card that has made public transport in London and Liverpool that little bit easier to use, thanks to a £32.5million grant to promote sustainable transport.
But the card, which is expected to make its debut in Spring 2014, is missing a vital ingredient – a catchy name.
Richard Hector-Jones,of communications agency Creative Concern, recently told the MEN that the name would have to trip off the tongue, have cultural significance to Greater Manchester and, perhaps most importantly, not be too embarrassing for daily use.

Suggestions have been pouring in, and one popular suggestion is to name it after a Manchester icon, such as Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder, or the artist L.S. Lowry.
I would love to hear your own suggestions – should we stick with the marine life theme (like Hong Kong’s Octopus card) or is there a famous Mancunian you’d love to see immortalised in smart card form?

5 responses to “What do you think we should call Manchester’s new travelcard?

  1. “Step On” actually sounds like an awesome name for a travel card.

    I’m curious to know more about the travel card scheme though – any details about whether all bus companies will accept it etc.?

  2. I vote for the “Turing” card. Celebrating a Manchester legend and going a small way to righting a long-standing wrong.

  3. Have to echo Ben’s sentiments – has to be the Turing card for Touring Manchester. Not only going a small way to righting a wrong but bringing Turing to the attention of people who might know what a contribution he made to the UK and Manchester.

  4. The Turing (touring) card is perfect. First thing that sprang to mind even before I read Ben’s suggestion. Nice one!

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