Bike to the future

The success of cyclists like Sir Chris Hoy has encouraged people to get on their bikes

The British cycling team is arguably the best in the world and being based in Manchester, it is time we create a lasting legacy and made Manchester a cycle friendly city.

With cyclists bringing home 12 Olympic medals, 8 of which were golds, 22 Paralympic medals, 10 of which were golds, and the first British winner of the Tour de France ever in it’s 107-year history, more people than ever are feeling encouraged to hop on their bikes. In fact the Tour of Britain is making it’s way through the North West today, travelling between Carlisle and Blackpool.

Cycling has many positive aspects; it’s healthy, cheap, green and sociable, but it can have risks. And that is why I have been fighting for safer roads; in my 10 minute rule bill which outlines four suggestions from members of the public, to improve safety on our roads, and by backing the ‘Cycle for Life’ campaign by Brake, a road safety charity, which aims to make roads safer for people wanting to cycle.

Part of that commitment to road safety means promoting options like lowering the speed limit and improving roads for cyclists but also raising the profile of cycling safety in Government, an effective action as a £34million grant for sustainable transport in Manchester from Liberal Democrat minister Norman Baker shows. The money has been used to part fund cycling ‘parking’ centres across Manchester, the first of which is due to open next month at Bury Interchange.

But it’s important that as many people as possible get involved and show cycling is an environmentally friendly and healthy way to get around Manchester, as well as helping to ensure the safety of cyclists.

There are several things you can do to help:

  • Potholes can be a real danger to cyclists, if you spot any please report them to Manchester City Council.
  • You can cycle into work and learn more about the Transport for Greater Manchester’s ‘Better ByCycle‘ scheme.
  • Finally, you can get involved with or donate to organizations like Sustrans, who try to make it easier for the public to use sustainable ways to get from point A to point B like walking, cycling, and public transportation.

Join John in cycling as often as possible

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