Clamping down on the Clampers

The AA called the current rules “legalised mugging” New rules will stop rogue clamper ripping off drivers.

I did an interview last night on Key 103 on new laws coming in next month to stop rogue clampers.

I am very pleased about these new laws, which I lobbied for as both a member of the Transport Select Committee and following numerous complaints where my constituents have been ripped off by rogue clampers.

The Home Office estimates 500,000 drivers every year are clamped on private land. An army of 1,800 clampers have been demanding an average of £112 each in release fees, with the racket often relying on drivers not spotting tiny or obscure warning signs about arbitrary parking restrictions. The AA have branded the practice ‘legalised mugging’.

From 1st October 2012 it will be illegal to clamp, tow away or immobilise a vehicle without lawful authority to do so. Anyone who breaks the law will face criminal charges and a fine if convicted.

At that time, the clamping and towing of vehicles parked on private land in England and Wales will become illegal (as it has been for many years in Scotland).

The move is expected to save the public £55million a year in fees. Since talk of the new laws came out,  car clamping in Manchester have reduced drastically.

Not only have problems from roving clampers fallen, but the unethical practices of clamping firms have also been slowly diminishing.

The new rules will stop most incidents when vehicles have been unfairly immobilised. But it won’t stop designated organisations like Councils from doing their job.

Please let me know if you have been unfairly treated by Car clampers in South Manchester.

2 responses to “Clamping down on the Clampers

  1. Well done, John!

    By section 56 and schedule 4 of the so-called “Protection” of Freedoms Act 2012 – by which our freedoms seem about to be “protected” in much the same way as those of the badgers now about to be shot – that Act will have opened the way for parking spivs throughout the land to send their speculative invoices to the registered keepers of vehicles they claim were “improperly parked”. This Act, therefore, replaces one wrong with another wrong.

    You are doubtless aware of the saying that two wrongs do not establish a right, so one must wonder why a right should have been established by statute.

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