Guest Blog: Matt Gallagher launches Police Manifesto

I have 30 years service as a copper, ending as an Inspector. I know how Greater Manchester Police works

As a former frontline Police Officer I know what Greater Manchester residents need and want from the Police. My Manifesto outlines how I will make the police more effective, efficient and responsive. 
If I am elected I will put residents and victims first and make Criminals pay.  

As a former copper of 30 years standing, I understand the pressures on the modern copper. I know where there is waste in the system. I want to cut red tape and increase the number and visibility of officers. I want to improve response times. I want to ensure overlooked groups are better represented in GMP.

My manifesto also includes
·         a groundbreaking Apprenticeship scheme.
·         A Police station in every community
·         Public Safety Reps on some Bus routes to tackle Anti Social Behaviour.
·         A Commissioner’s Annual Award to ten young people from across Greater Manchester who have done something to improve the image of young people.
·         Regular surveys with residents to ensure priorities are right
·         Greater links between PCSOs and communities
·         A change in the law to allow the Commissioner to recover the costs of court cases from Criminals.
·         A change in the law to block mobile phone signals in Prisons

If you want to see my complete manifesto, or have any questions, please contact me at my website

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