Taking Action to stop the Bullying.

More must be done to tackle bullying in school, on-line, and in society.

This week is Anti-Bullying week. People come across bullying at work, school and even at home. It is endemic throughout society but it often begins in schools.

Childhood bullying can do long-lasting damage as it knocks confidence and self-esteem. We owe it to our children to do more to tackle bullying and to support the victims, who need more sympathetic support rather than the cold shoulder they often find.

I am pleased the Government has done the right thing by supporting teachers who want to tackle bad behaviour.  We have helped school governors, heads and school staff develop their own plans to manage behaviour and prevent bullying, and passed legislation to strengthen teachers’ powers to tackle bad behaviour

We have also taken steps to deal with cyber-bullying, which I blogged about here in April

We have supported the work of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, which brings together 180 organisations and individuals from government, law enforcement, charities, business and parenting group to help keep young children safe online.

I’m glad we’ve invested £1.3m in BeatBullying’s CyberMentors programme, a unique peer-mentoring support programme that is available both online and offline.

In partnership with The Times Education Supplement, BeatBullying is hosting a live lesson at 11.00am tomorrow, which will be streamed into schools all over the UK and around the world direct from Google HQ. For details of how to watch the lesson live, visit www.BeatBullying.org/tes (no registration required).

In the end, rules and legislation can only take us so far: as a society, we need to do more together to address bullying.

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