Mid Term Report: Top 10 Liberal Democrat Wins.

John with Ed Davey at the launch of the GM Energy Plan at Seimens.

John with Ed Davey at the launch of the GM Energy Plan at Siemens.

The government has published its mid-term report, and as expected Media coverage is naturally focusing on parts of the agreement that are not on track. However our own party analysis shows about 95% of the Coalition Agreement is on course.

The MTR also shows the huge extent of Liberal Democrat influence in Government. We have taken policies directly from the front page of our Manifesto and we are now delivering on them in Government.

We are building a stronger economy: we have cut income tax by £600 for 24 million working people, created 1 million new jobs, 1 million apprenticeships, and still managed to cut the deficit by a quarter.

And we are building a fairer society by securing the biggest ever cash rise in the state pension and putting £2.5 billion into schools targeted at the least well-off pupils, raising standards for everyone.

Top 10 Liberal Democrat Achievements

1.       Reducing the deficit by a quarter, fixing the mess left by Labour and keeping interest rates down

2.       Creating 1 million jobs and 1 million apprenticeships. 84% more apprenticeships in Manchester.

3.       £600 tax cut for 24 million working people by ensuring nobody pays any income tax on the first £9,440 they earn. 74,000 of the lowest paid Greater Manchester residents have been removed from the tax system all together.

4.       Delivering an extra £2.5 billion into schools targeted at the least well-off pupils, raising standards for everyone. £20m extra for Manchester schools

5.       Created a Green Investment Bank to unlock billions of pounds of private investment in renewable energy and create thousands more green jobs in Manchester through companies like Siemens.

6.       Youth unemployment is lower than when we took office, thanks to our £1 billion Youth Contract, which gets young people off the dole and into work through apprenticeships, work placement or training.

7.       Secured the biggest ever cash rise in the full state pension, worth an extra £650 every year.

8.       Cutting crime by 10%

9.       Better, faster treatment in the NHS, with waiting times down and 25,000 people accessing cancer drugs they weren’t allowed under Labour

10.     Scrapped ID cards and removed innocent people’s DNA from the police database

5 responses to “Mid Term Report: Top 10 Liberal Democrat Wins.

  1. Shame on you all!

    If you think driving poor people further into poverty, and in many cases into destitution, is an achievement then you are not fit to govern.

    Perhaps the Lib Dems’ unfitness to govern is the reason why the Liberals have not held power for so long. The electorate is canny and probably realised what an inexperienced and incompetent bunch the Lib Dems are and that disaster would ensure following their election as a government.

    The Lib Dems will never get power on the strength of their own beliefs which is why many voters are sickened by the spectacle of a party so desperate for the trappings of power that it sold out lock, stock and barrel to the blatantly nasty Tories.

    Enjoy your fine food and wine at public expense while you can. Hopefully, most of you will feel the electorate’s boot against your backsides at the next election.

    • If the Uxbridgegraduate really is a graduate then degrees are obviously being dished out too readily. Even amongst the allegedly educated the concept of thought rather than sloganised polemic appears to be alien.

      • Well of course Mike Turner’s view that degrees are “being dished out too readily” is absolutely consistent with the coalition increasing university tuition fees to prohibitive levels. Many young people are shying away from higher educations as a consequence.

        And that is not all. Whilst the tuition fee fiasco has removed the rungs of the ladder from above, the coalition’s benefits grab has removed rungs of the ladder from below.

        In the face of these inexorable facts it is no wonder Mike Turner is unable to defend his party’s track record.

        As I said, the Lib Dems are not fit to govern. It’s not just me who believes this. The electorate will express a similar view at the next election.

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