Cllr Simon Wheale: Labour making the wrong choices for Manchester.

Simon is Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Manchester City Council

Simon is Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Manchester City Council

By releasing the council budget to the Manchester Evening News, and putting their spin on it before anyone could possibly read the facts, Labour’s Town Hall bosses have shown where their priorities lie. Playing politics rather than doing the right thing.

By rejecting £1.5million of Government subsidy to freeze the Council tax, and proposing to increasing the Council tax by an inflation busting 3.7%, they have made the choice to pick the pockets of the hard pressed Manchester Council Taxpayers rather than accept cash from Government.

For every  £100 they put up Council tax they are only receiving £64 because they turned this free government money down.   The Liberal Democrats will fight Labour’s cuts to front-line services across Manchester.

What is more, if Labour had taken the £1.5m of government money they refused, it would save all the leisure facilities and libraries threatened with closure including Levenshulme Baths & Library, Burnage Library, Chorlton Leisure Centre and Withington baths.

Will will always argue for more cash for Manchester, but it doesn’t help our case when we have £150,000,000 in reserves, or when Richard Leese gets a chauffeur driven car at local taxpayers’ expense, or when nearly half a million pounds of Council money was blown in one night last September, on a free concert and bar for VIP celebrities and Labour Councillors.

Or when cash is offered, it is turned down.



7 responses to “Cllr Simon Wheale: Labour making the wrong choices for Manchester.

  1. Absolutely disgusting! Not to mention pure lies.

    Where to start?

    Lets start with the facts!

    A) we don’t have 150 million pounds in reserves and if you did your job as a councillor you would know this. The money is reserved for future projects such as PFI schemes already commissioned. some £30 million pounds worth of the reserves is schools money which the council can not spend, although clearly you want to spend the children’s future away.

    B) Chauffeur driven car, please present the evidence of this, this is simply a lie that the leader of the council has has a chauffeur driven car.

    C) Council Tax increase is simply a must, the governments offer would only guarantee the increase for a year so come next year the council would be 3.7% down. The increase is smoke and mirrors and you know it.

    D) I am also glad you have brought attention to the concert, which will potentially bring 22million pounds worth of investment in the city, because lib dem councillors also attended the event.

    Now we have the facts what’s clear from this is; rather than sticking up for Manchester who has been the hardest hit again by your government, instead you are telling Manchester that this is a fair deal… Shocking!!!

  2. Well, you have to have some gall to be a Lib Dem politician and complain about cuts in public spending. The up side is that in 2014 the last of them will be kicked off the Council, their MPs will be reduced to a rump in 2015 and it will be another hundred years before they will be able to con their way into government again, if they are lucky.
    On the other hand who is this Blairite who is such an honest person that they are afraid to name themselves. £100 m in reserves for those disgraceful PFI schemes in order to progress the privatisation of council services? Nearly £0.5 M as a sweetener to “POTENTIONALLY” bring £22m? Oh and I suppose that will trickle down to the children in this child poverty capital of Britain that Labour has overseen in its 40 years in the town hall and the recent 13 years in Government. Pull the other one. You are as politically bankrupt as the Lib Dems and Tories.

  3. I thought there was no money left! That;s what the coalition keeps telling the poor to justify removing benefits and tax credits!

    You can’t expect to have it both ways and to get away with it

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