Road Safety, Rugby and Train Timetable U turns- Busy Friday in South Manchester

John talking to Mauldeth Road children about the importance of Road safety

John talking to Mauldeth Road children about the importance of Road Safety

Started day with a visit to Mauldeth Road Primary school in Withington for a talk on Road Safety, organised by the Road Safety Alliance. As you know, this is an issue close to my heart, and one I blog on regularly.


Mauldeth station

John welcomes this U turn, which will save money for lots of local commuters using Mauldeth Rd Station

This was followed by interviews and photo’s at the nearby train station, following a piece in today’s Evening News

I wrote to Northern Rail recently, after Gary Ramsey and other commuters contacted me. They changed their timetable in December which meant hundreds of off-peak users were left unable to use the 9.30 service from Mauldeth Road to Manchester Piccadilly. They changed the 9.30am service to 9.29am in December 2012; the one minute change meant that the day return fare jumped from £1.70 to almost double at £3.30.

I got a letter back last week from Northern Rail  confirmed that at the next timetable change in May 2013 the 9.30am train will be restored.  I wrote back urging Northern Rail to ask that commuters are charged the off-peak rate until the 9.30am service is restored in May.

A spokesperson for Northern Rail said,

“This particular train, the 0831 Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly service, has had to depart one minute earlier than the normal pattern to avoid conflict with another train which has to be timed to arrive ‘off pattern’ at Manchester Airport. This conflict does not arise for any other service during the day and I am pleased to say that there will be an opportunity to amend this situation at the next timetable change in May 2013. This will enable the train to run one minute later and thereby restore the 0930 departure time from Mauldeth Road.”


John with coach Jason Duffy and a couple of year 7 pupils at Chorlton High

Next, I went to Chorlton High School to see the development work the Rugby Football Union is doing to find the next generation of rugby stars. Its been a few years since I’d played Rugby, but I was impressed by the work the RFU was doing with the school, and promised to work with them to develop Rugby across the area.

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