Happy St. George’s Day: We should be proud to be English

John with Rob Mackle and Cllr Norman Lewis at a recent St George’s day parade

Happy St Georges’s Day.


One of the first things I did after being elected an MP was to sign a parliamentary motion calling on St. George’s day to become an English Bank Holiday, and for public buildings to fly St. George’s flag on the 23rd April.


We should take more time to celebrate our heritage. The myth of St. George is central to understanding the last 800 years of English history and we should pay more recognition to this. Having St. George’s Day designated as a bank holiday would be a welcome step in this direction.


St. George is a central figure in English national identity. From the reign of Edward the third onwards (1327-1377), St. George has been held as an emblem of virtue, chivalry and the embodiment of all that is good in being English.


When I was growing up in the 1980’s, the far right tried to make St George’s their own, but today, St. George’s day helps bring English people together, instead of focusing on our differences.


St. George’s Day is a brilliant opportunity for our country to come together and show the pride we have in our culture, society and history. Many Manchester businesses fly the English flag with pride and I think a new Bank Holiday for St. George’s Day would be a great way to celebrate our wonderful country.




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