Time to honour Tony Wilson

Manchester legend Tony Wilson

Manchester legend Tony Wilson

I have written to Manchester City Council urging them to support calls for a street to be named in memory of local ambassador for Manchester culture, Tony Wilson. 

Tony died in 2007 and was well-known for his promotion of Manchester’s music scene as popularised in 24 Hours Party People. He was also a regional presenter on Granada Reports, The Politics Show, Xfm Manchester, BBC Radio Manchester and Channel M, and was one time owner of the Haçienda.

Despite being over six years since his death a fitting memorial to ‘Mr. Manchester’ has yet to be given.

My letter seeks to add momentum to the renewal of calls to honour Tony by former Haçienda DJ Dave Haslam and presenter Terry Christian.

My letter to Sir Howard Bernstein, says,

“I sincerely hope that this time, Tony Wilson, the man who helped put Manchester on the map will have the favour returned. It is six years since his death but his legacy to Manchester will live on for generations and generations.”

In July 2012, Manchester Liberal Democrats proposed that Manchester should recognise and develop Manchester’s musical heritage,

Lib Dem leader Cllr Simon Wheale said,

“Manchester has a rich musical heritage and ambassadors such as Tony Wilson have raised the profile of the City around the world.

A musical heritage plaque scheme with a Tony Wilson Street would not only be a brilliant tribute, but also attract tourism and boost the local economy.”

One response to “Time to honour Tony Wilson

  1. A good idea, but like your comments on the footpath transfer window that were so cruelly mocked on Sky News’ Boulton & Co. yesterday, it does carry a whiff of populism.

    I’m more interested in your stance on the lobbying bill. Here the Tories have hit back against those who wish to limit corporate lobbying, by seeking to limit the ability of charities and groups like 38 Degrees to engage in politics. (Charities are already barred from engaging in party politics and must not suggest how people should vote.)

    The illiberal wing of your party is keen to gag charities: how will you vote? Or are you too busy, once again, to attend parliament?

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