Have a good time but don’t Drink and Drive

Don't Drink and Drive this Christmas

Don’t Drink and Drive this Christmas



It’s that time of the year again and chances are you’ll be shuffling through the shopping crowds, ordering in the food and doing the Christmas party rounds. This season seems to bring out the liveliness in all of us – especially at the office party.


And while for most the worst outcome of the season may be an unflattering picture of you lost in the moment in full fancy dress, that is subsequently brought up and passed around at every birthday and meeting, for some it may be a fine of up to £5000, up to six months in prison and a minimum 12 months driving ban.


Last year the Greater Manchester Police arrested 464 people for drink driving of which 78 were involved in collisions. Statistically there are more drink drivers during Christmas than at any other time of the year.


Driving and drinking do not and should never mix!


The possible consequences will always be more costly then the taxi ride home.


How much is too much?


Are you still unsure about limits and units? Bookmark this handy unit calculator from Drink Aware in your phone now.




To stay within the limits “men should consume no more than four units of alcohol (roughly one pint of normal strength beer) and women no more than three units (roughly a small glass of wine)”.


To complicate things further the limit also depends on your gender, weight, age and metabolism.


Having a designating driver for the night will remove this uncertainty. However it is also worth having a few taxi numbers saved into your phone as a backup plan.


Don’t let drinking ruin your night.


Be responsible. Be Safe. And have a Merry Christmas!



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