John has presented many petitions on behalf of constituents.

John’s latest petition is focused on maintaining one of the most vital components of British culture – the local pub.

He’d like to ask those of you who want to keep the British pub alive to sign his petition:
“The British pub has a unique and valuable role in the community, and for this reason we should be aiming to keep the industry alive and thriving.
“I urge the government to reduce the current high tax on beer and cider, so we can ensure pubs remain the focal points of their respective communities.”

Show your support by signing John’s petition, herehere.

His previous petition calls for troops to return home from Afghanistan by implementing a phased exit strategy.

John Leech urges you to sign his petition:

“No-one doubts the commitment and professionalism of British servicemen and women currently serving in Afghanistan, operating in the most difficult of circumstances.  Yet with each passing day and each tragic loss of life, the mission becomes less palatable and the aims become less clear.

Afghanistan remains a deadly place for foreign forces and in my view we therefore need to be looking for a phased exit strategy to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.”

You can make a difference and show your support for bringing our troops home by signing John’s petition here.